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Level Measurement

Level Measurement

Leclovo provides a complete range of level measurement devices for every application. With the knowledge that no single technology can address the needs of all industrial challenges, Siemens offers a full range of contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for continuous and point level measurement. This is what experience buys: installing Siemens level technology is like sitting beside the smart kid in class. 

Enormous potential benefits await your operations with Industry 4.0. With unparalleled control and access, you now have complete knowledge of what’s happening in your plant at all times.

But even in the age of digital, you still need accurate,  reliable, and rugged process instrumentation. Because if field instruments can’t supply the right data, even the most sophisticated digitalization plans will fail.

Intelligent level monitoring brings intelligent operations.

Level Measurement, Point Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement

Modern point level technology plays a number of critical roles in your operations – either in partnership with other instrumentation or on its own. Backup alarming to material presence detection and/or point level monitoring, protection against running empty, or a cost-effective choice for material detection – Leclovos’ range of point level devices covers it all. Capacitance, ultrasonic, rotating and vibrating level switches are suitable for virtually all applications from bulk solids to liquids, and everything in between.

Continuous Level Measurement, Level Measurement

Continuous Level Measurement

Processes in your facility are constantly changing – so you’d better know what’s where and how much you have, at all times. Leclovos’ continuous level measurement, featuring a full range of technologies for your exact application: ultrasonic, radar, guided wave radar, capacitance, gravimetric and hydrostatic. With intuitive setup, world-class accuracy and a global network of support. 

Interface level measurement, Level Measurement

Interface Level Measurement

Whether it’s water and oil or two wildly different chemicals, some things just don’t mix. Leclovo’s interface technology measures level of multiple materials with ease and precision. Capacitance and guided wave radar technology provide results-driven level measurement in all your interface applications, giving you the accuracy and continuous monitoring to keep operations running smoothly throughout the day.